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Everybody Loves to Win!


What's better than helping other people win by donating food? You getting to win at the same time!

Each year, raffle prizes are donated by several UCSC individuals and a few departments and divisions from both the academic and administrative sides of UCSC. Those prizes are raffled off to people who donate to the UCSC Holiday Food & Fund Drive.

The raffle ends on 12/20/2020. This year, it will function differently because of COVID mitigation.

Here's how you can be eligible for the raffle:

  1. Go to the UCSC fundraising page and click the blue DONATE button to make a donation of any amount.
  2. Be sure to enter your name so we can enter you into the raffle.
  3. For every $10 you donate, you will receive one entry into the raffle. So, if you donate:
    • $10.00 = 1 entry
    • $15.00 = 1 entry
    • $20.00 = 2 entries
    • $29.99 = 2 entries
    • $30.00 = 3 entries
    • $400.00 = 40 entries (and so on...)

Though many people like to give anonymously, and for very good reasons, we recommend you attach your name to your donation. Not just for the raffle entries, but because seeing that you donated might help someone make the choice to donate, if they know you endorse this effort.

Do you have a prize you would like to donate? Past prizes have been:

  • Lunch for five with the Chancellor
  • $50.00 Bay Tree Gift Card
  • Two tickets to any Music Department or Theater Arts Department presentation
  • $50.00 gift certificate to Garden Company
  • Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems certificates
  • Bottles of wine or champagne (must be 21 years old to win)

What creative idea do you have for a prize you or a friend could donate? If you would like to donate, you can fill out this one-question form and we'll get back to you.

I hope you win!


Meeting Real Needs of Real People in Real Time!


November 2020 Highlights:

  • Over 2,000 cars full of grateful people came to the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds to receive food from Second Harvest Food Bank on the day before Thanksgiving.
  • Since the beginning of November, Second Harvest Food Bank has distributed over 750,000 lbs of food to nearly 60,000 people.
  • 483,000 pounds of that food went out through their non-profit partners (e.g. UCSC!). The rest was direct distribution to the community through their nutrition programs and drive through distribution.
SHFB can provide all of this food because of their extensive industry relationships that allow them to turn $1 into 4 healthy meals for local families. Yet, they can only provide this type of service because of donations from people like you. Would you like to donate today?

While it is true that SHFB helps all of Santa Cruz County, they have a robust partnership with our campus. Read more about how SHFB partners with UCSC.

Let us know if you would like to get involved or if you have any questions.


UCSC's Holiday Food & Fund Drive Kicks Off for 2020!


2020 has been a year of changes, hardships, and unpredictability. Yet, one thing remains unchanged - the community's need for access to free food for those in need. Also, one thing that is predictable is that this need will only increase when hardships come.

Thankfully, the Second Harvest Food Bank's Holiday Food & Fund Drive has just kicked off and UCSC is stepping up to the challenge once again! Since the SHFB can purchase 4 meals with every dollar, due their extensive industry relationships, there is no greater way to fight hunger than to invest your donations in the SHFB.

While it is true that SHFB helps all of Santa Cruz County, they have a robust partnership with our campus. Read more about how SHFB partners with UCSC.

Now that you see their unique ability to meet the hunger need and their ongoing commitment to UCSC, you can head on over to the UCSC fundraising page and make a donation today!

Let us know if you have any questions!